Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

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Manual Blood Pressure Monitor Diastolic Medical Doctor Stethoscope Aneroid BP AdultSphygmomanometer Cuff Home Health Monitor:


1. Easy operation: The pressure gauge is easy to operate, accurate in measurement data, allmetal manufacturing, and durable.

2. The blood pressure meter is small in size, easy to carry, and the method and effect arethe same as the desktop mercury sphygmomanometer.

3. The arm strap is firm: The arm strap has a strong cloth gluing design, which is effectivelyfixed and not easy to fall off.

4. Blood pressure meter head: The head is made of matte design and durable. The backof the case is equipped with a metal hook. It can be hung on the arm band for moreconvenient reading.

5. Energy-saving and environmental protection: Self-contained auscultation, and designwith anhydrous silver, measuring blood pressure, energy saving and environmentalprotection, and the dial and the dial in the table are fine and accurate.

6. Advantages: Small size, easy to carry, easy to operate, convenient and suitable

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